The Boeing Company Personal Driver in Moscow Region, Russia

  • Transports high level officials in a safe and timely manner between designated locations using various vehicles in the fleet.
    • Maintains awareness of complex schedule transportation requirements and communicates with multiple administrative personnel to coordinate vehicle and/or driver resources in the most efficient manner.
    • Maintains strict confidentiality on all conversations and information heard during transport assignments.
    • Arranges for vehicle care and maintenance (i.e. oil change tire rotation cleaning etc.) based on service manual requirements and daily scheduled transportation needs.
    • Coordinates major repairs with appropriate approving authority.
    • Records mileage and expenses incurred during driving duties and reports to appropriate personnel for processing.
    • Documents vehicle service records to track costs and maintenance of vehicles as well as to justify replacement of the vehicle at the appropriate time.
    • Uses extensive knowledge of the area and destinations to determine most appropriate route.
    • Maintains awareness of current road systems and conditions by monitoring news and traffic reports adjusting routes as necessary to avoid delays.
    • Provides guidance to less experiences personnel on building layout and access requirements.

Must demonstrate the following personal qualities: * politeness, self-command, tactfulness, thoughtfulness, patience, stress resistance, friendliness, helpfulness and ability to avoid conflicts with passengers; * ability to prioritize among concurrent tasks in swiftly changing environment, paying attention to details and execution control; * Good judgment, ability to adapt, flexible thinking, ability to work in a team. Must know: * Traffic regulations and acts in the field of road traffic management; * List of faults and conditions when vehicle operation is prohibited; * Major provisions for vehicle clearance for operation and duties of officials on ensuring safe road traffic; * Plan of operation area, major highways and junctions; * Vehicle active and restraint safety systems; * Types and frequency of vehicle maintenance; * Detection and eliminations of faults occurred during vehicle operation; * Influence of weather conditions on vehicle operation safety; * Traffic accident prevention methods; * Use of communication means rules, including while driving a vehicle; * Major set routes; * Driver action procedure in emergency situation; * Phone numbers of emergency services; * First aid kit use rules; * Basics of conflict free interaction of road users; * Business ethics basics; This requisition is for an international, locally hired person in the Russian Federation. CANDIDATES MUST HAVE CURRENT LEGAL AUTHORIZATION TO WORK IN RUSSIAN FEDERATION. BOEING WILL NOT ATTEMPT TO OBTAIN IMMIGRATION AND LABOR SPONSORSHIP FOR ANY APPLICANTS. Benefits and pay are determined at the local level and are not part of Boeing U.S. based payroll.

Vocational education or higher. Work experience as a driver at least 10 years. Good command of Russian language, written as well as spoken. Knowledge of English language is preferable. Driving license class B or above.

Job: *Driver


Title: Personal Driver

Location: RUS-Moscow Region-Moscow

Requisition ID: 1700014198