J&J Family of Companies Market Research Manager in Moscow, Russia

Insights generation based on internal and external quantitative data and adding business value

  • Analyze internal data and secondary research data to generate actionable insights

  • Communicate insights to sales and marketing teams in an effective way

Primary market research

  • Drive primary market research including customer loyalty studies, concept tests, customer preferences studies, etc.

Self-reported data generation

  • Organize processes and tools of self-reported data generation and use this data for insights development

Ad hoc data queries

  • Support ad hoc data queries from marketing and sales teams

Management of 2 MR specialist

MR budget control

Communication with internal and external stakeholders


Education: economics/stats/finance/sociology/marketing

Experience: 5+ years of BI or marketing research experience. Experience in market and product performance analysis. Experience of working in cross-functional teams.

Knowledge: basics of primary and secondary research, market analysis techniques. Fluent Excel and Powerpoint user. Advanced data analysis methods and tools, programming skills, competitive intelligence knowledge, IMS Health data base experience are all advantages.

Primary Location



J&J LLC Russia (8431)

Job Function

Market Research

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