Syngenta Trade Finance Credit Manager, Russia in Russia


• Provides TFCM function in the assigned regions and/or for selected customer in Russia/CIS Territory, ensuring that credit decisions regarding covering clients are taken with a full understanding of the risk attached. In this process proactively facilitate businesses with proposals to channel policy, if required to manage risk better. • Back up of TFCM for Russia, incl. operations of month’s closure, credit committees organization and leading, reporting to the stakeholders (Monthly business review, cash-flow forecasts, Sales operation meeting, Syremo, etc.), communication with auditors and banks. • Manages commercial risk arising from goods delivered and/or services rendered to the assigned customers, consequently the function/role manages the risks arising from the extension of credits towards our customers (i.e. 3Pty exposure) • Drives effective usage of the company's investment of funds in Account Receivable, i.e. effect a Working Capital responsibility with regard to the Trade Account Receivable to meet company KPIs as DSO, Overdue/Sales (%), Collection %. • Achieves timely payment for goods/services as provided to customers (3Pty) in order to generate cash and to maintain the company's liquidity position. • Support of standard TFCM processes based on the Trade Finance Credit Management Policy, consequently assures full TFCM function in the country management teams. • Supports TFCM related all individual business issues within Russia / CIS Territory. • Deliberative voice by discussion of risk strategy for the key and strategic customers in the assigned regions. • Plays the "watchdog role" in respect of all potential commercial risks with the assigned third parties / customers. Observes any critical market developments and highlights potential risk to the commercial management / finance business partner. • Acts as the "center of competence" for Trade Finance Credit Management in the country and is responsible for the operational excellence of the TFCM processes in the country. This includes financial trainings for other members of TFCM function and providing economical expertise to stakeholders (TFCM Russia, Finance BP etc.)


  • Operational responsibility:

    • Proactively facilitate businesses with proposals to channel policy, if required to manage risk better. • The TFCM financial authorizations are defined in the local authorization matrix reflecting the segregation of roles between the TFCM and the ARM. • Ensure standardized TFCM processes based on the Trade Finance Credit Management Policy. • Provide finance business partner with full information on the risk and receivable status of individual customers as well as on the overall quality of its customer base in the assigned regions • While making credit decisions, use mitigation schemes (guarantees and bank instruments) based on the Trade Finance Credit Management Policy. • Analyse customers according to DACI (Doer, Accountable, Consulted, Informed) and DoA (Delegation of Authority), timely reporting to Trade Finance Credit Manager and initiation / coordination of measures to reduce risk exposure (min twice per year) • Ensure that the country sovereign risk is properly addressed to the country management team to be reflected in all operational decisions. • Monthly reporting to include gross A/R, risk mitigation and bad debt provisions. Ad hoc reporting of collection forecasts and actions being undertaken to collect overdue debts. • Support collection strategy and action (including legal cases)

Critical success factors & key challenges

• Ensure full & consolidated (CP/SE) compliance of TFCM processes as implemented (incl. SOX) • Provide insightful business analysis along with financial results to explain / defend credit limit proposals • Regular customer visits - min twice per year (before season and during collection period or if overdue is in place) to ensure timely collection • Meet all reporting deadlines of both the company and local fiscal and audit requirements, as well as meeting deadlines required by risk mitigation tools

Knowledge, experience & capabilities

Critical knowledge:

• In depth understanding of financial statements and key ratios, and their meanings to creditworthiness of customers. • Thorough understanding of risk mitigation tools in the country to be able to select the best possible risk mitigation strategy. • Excellent knowledge of the country’s economics, Syngenta’s customer base, and the general business environment. • Good knowledge of the company’s ERP systems re TFCM.

Critical experience:

• Extensive experience in the understanding and effective communication of TFCM policies and procedures to non-financial staff. • Good working knowledge of the local market environment. • Business facing experience working with multi-disciplinary teams, especially commercial functions. • Excellent experience in risk management and management of customers.

Critical technical, professional and personal capabilities

• Minimum 3 years in Finance or Banking. • Excellent understanding of AR and Credit Management. • University Degree/Other: however, in the absence of a professional qualification, post graduate study in finance becomes more important. • This role requires accuracy, attention to detail, responsibility, deadline and results-orientation. Requires excellent communication skills (both internally and externally) along with the ability “to be tough” when needed. • Excellent communication competence. • Negotiation skills. • Ability to work under significant pressure and overtime • Ability for frequent business travel

Critical leadership capabilities

• Lead self, Lead internal. • Accountable, Courageous.

Additional information

• Good Russian and English required. • Ability to travel / visit customers. • Strong team player.

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Title: Trade Finance Credit Manager, Russia

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