Weatherford BULK OPERATOR II-CM/оторист цементопескосмесительного агрегата 6 разряда in BUZULUK, Russia


Operational Capability

Drive the vehicle, according to the allowed driving license categories, refuel the vehicle with fuel and lubricants, perform maintenance and participate in preventive and routine repair of the assigned equipment.

Participate in conducting of well cementing, chemical treatment, killing and flushing of well, cement plugs placement processes.

Perform preparation of cementing control station for job execution on rig site.

Make sure the sensors are properly fixed.

Connect cementing equipment, manifold and cementing control station with cables.

To be familiar with and be able to utilize the software of the cement control station.

Control and report cement control station data readings to cementing supervisor in timely manner.

Team Building and Mentoring

Perform job as integrated well cementing team member operating equipment that requires additional skills and knowledge after obtaining the appropriate qualifications for the additional job duties.

Client and Communications

Upload well data, download cement job data file and upload information to electronic storage hardware.

Operate crane-manipulator, if appropriate training is obtained.

Perform lifting operations and maintenance of the crane-manipulator.

Eliminate equipment defects that appear during the operation of cementing control station.

Perform pre-trip and post-trip inspections of the equipment with filling checklists before and after the cementing job.

Monitor proper condition of instrumentation.

Material Responsibility

Receive and hand over assigned vehicle with cementing control station in operative condition while crew change.

Save and keep utilized equipment, tools and devices in proper condition.


Prepare for job in timely manner and keep clean a workplace, equipment, tools and appliances after work.

Operate and maintain equipment working under pressure, if appropriate training and certificate are obtained.

Vision and Leadership

Report to direct manager about any identified defects of operated equipment and violations of safety requirements.

Any other delegated responsibilities as instructed by direct or functional manager within the timeframe specified in a safe and efficient manner to meet business requirements.

Financial Performance

Participate in development, introduction and improvement of integrated management system.