Weatherford FIELD SPECIALIST III-СM/ Ведущий инженер по креплению скважин in BUZULUK, Russia


Manage technological processes during cementing jobs performance according to approved plans and calculations.

• Organize and provide casing jobs safety during drill strings cementing according to approved job program and calculation.

• Organize technological equipment and special vehicles rational distribution during jobs implementation according to approved schemes.

• Develop and keep necessary technical-technological documents.

• Provide equipment and vehicles correct operation during cementing jobs performance and column move to place of job producing and back, being the responsible worker, whose orders are obligatory for all column drivers.

• Participate in introduction of accident and complications preventative actions during well casing.

• In case of complications during cementing inform company and shop managers and operations department as soon as possible

• Provide job acceptance acts signing with customer, making all necessary documents on used inventories (cement, chemicals, technological equipment).

• Regularly inform management on labor conditions at facilities, performed work on labor conditions improvement, performance of orders and instructions.

• Provide fire safety during cementing, well circulation.

• In case of road traffic incident, deviation from route and other violations inform managers immediately.

• Together with technological section employees organize preparation of material and technical means for casing, according to plan and calculations, organize their acceptance from warehouse and handling, perform control over cement and chemicals consumption.

-Participate in development, introduction and improvement of integrated management system.

Perform preparation of cementing control station for job execution on rig site.

Make sure the sensors are properly fixed.

Connect cementing equipment, manifold and cementing control station with cables.

To be familiar with and be able to utilize the software of the cement control station.

Eliminate equipment defects that appear during the operation of cementing control station.

Upload well data, download cement job data file and upload information to electronic storage hardware.

Input data of job performed on well to Customer’s information system.

Сontrol the validity of all passes to the Customer's facilities and personnel certificates of the assigned crew (fleet), timely notify the QHSE Department on the need to train employees to extend the validity of HSE certificates and passes to the Customer's facilities.

Control the validity periods of the passes to the Customer's facilities, documents and certificates for the vehicles and equipment of the assigned crew (fleet), notify driving safety engineer and maintenance department in timely manner about the need to extend the validity of the passes to the Customer's facilities and equipment certification requirements.

Control the equipment inspection sheets for vehicles and equipment (including cementing heads) STEM1 filled in by assigned crew personnel and timely notification of maintenance department.

Monitor compliance to the “Regulations of fuels and lubricants consumption” in the assigned crew (fleets).

Control compliance of performance to “Rules of internal labor regulations” in assigned crew (fleet).